Angel Ladies Events


Upcoming Luncheon  Sessions with

The Angel Ladies

at Flowers in the Attic:


Friday the 15th & Friday the 29th


Thursday the 19th


Thursday the 16th

  • Call for details and to schedule your reservation…
  • $250.00 per person plus tax and gratuity

Angel Ladies Sessions at Flowers in the Attic

  • 25 minute private sessions with both Angel Ladies
  • Lunch is included in your session
  • You may bring wine for your table.  Corking fee $5.00 per 750ml bottle.
  • Your meal is structured around session times
  • You may record your session on your smartphone or recording device
  • Cancellations accepted until 24 hours prior
  • Gift Certificates for the Angel Ladies may be purchased from Flowers in the Attic.
  • NO donation gift certificates accepted as payment
  • NO coupons
  • For directions, visit our website at
  • To make a reservation for any of the scheduled Angel Ladies luncheon events listed above, call us at 412-798-2200 or e-mail our events coordinator at
Flowers In The Attic
7505 Saltsburg Road
Pittsburgh PA  15235